New vehicles come with a manufacturer’s warranty or factory warranty, which covers mechanical or internal failures for factory-installed parts. This coverage is usually valid for up to one year from the date of purchase. Once it expires, you will pay for repair costs yourself. Here, you will learn about Powersports extended service prices, coverage, and terms, among other things. You will also learn about why it’s important for you to have this coverage if you frequently go off-roading on your ATV or other Powersports vehicle.

Powersports extended service prices

Prices for Powersports extended service contracts generally range from $1,000 to $1,600, depending on the coverage terms and inclusions. There are also extensive extended service contracts that could cost up to $3,000 but the cost depends on what parts, repairs, and replacements are covered. It also depends on the current labor cost at the time of coverage purchase.

But whether Powersports extended service prices start at $1,000 or $3,000, you will find an extended service contract worth your money if you frequently use your Powersports vehicle, subjecting it to constant abuse and exposure to various conditions, and you plan on keeping it for many years, perhaps even passing it down to your kids someday.

Powersports extended service contract coverage and terms

The main purpose of an extended service program is to provide vehicle owners with coverage once their factory or manufacturer’s warranty expires. Basically, what you will be getting is coverage for practically the same parts, repairs, and replacements included in your manufacturer’s warranty. However, extended service contracts go beyond the terms of a factory warranty, which means more parts or services may be included on top of the basic terms and coverage.

This is where vehicle owners, and even dealerships, must be discerning. Pay careful attention to the terms and coverage stipulations/eligibilities included in your extended service contract. It’s important that you understand every inclusion and stipulation down to the last detail, so you won’t encounter any problems when the time comes for the service of the covered vehicle.

Extended service contracts are offered for new and certified pre-owned vehicles.

Some of the terms that you should check in your extended service contract are the following:

  • Deductibility;
  • Validity of repair shops;
  • Claiming process;
  • Eligible vehicles;
  • Included parts and services, and eligibility for these; and
  • Validity period.

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