Vehicles need to be serviced regularly to keep them in good running condition. Scheduled maintenance checks likewise allow vehicle owners to see if there are damaged mechanical components and/or other parts that need to be repaired or replaced. Dealership scheduled services are a good idea because their future service maintenance checks are already covered, which means they can have their vehicle serviced even if they are low on budget. In other words, this type of service guarantees that your vehicle won’t need to skip its maintenance checks because the owner is short on cash.

Other ways customers benefit from dealership scheduled services

When it comes to scheduled maintenance, owners are usually torn between going to the dealership where they bought their vehicle or going to an independent mechanic. The choice usually boils down to which is cheaper. Long-time vehicle owners know that cheap doesn’t always mean getting a good deal. Cheap often translates to poor service quality.

Here are other ways customers benefit from having their vehicle serviced at the dealership:

  • Mechanics are factory-trained, which means they’re trained to check, troubleshoot, and repair the vehicle you purchased
  • Factory-trained mechanics can immediately and accurately detect anything wrong with your vehicle, which means there is no second-guessing, and misidentified problems and solutions
  • Dealerships have a reputation to keep, which means they won’t cut corners when servicing your vehicle
  • Coverage period can be from 12 months up to 48 months, giving customers the freedom to choose a coverage they’re comfortable with
  • Coverage can be for new and certified pre-owned vehicles, depending on the provider
  • Dealership scheduled services are based on owner’s manual’s recommendations

Additionally, when you get your vehicle serviced at the dealership and issues are found, rest assured, you will be getting authentic OEM parts if you decide to have the vehicle repaired at the same dealership as well.

As you can see, there are more benefits that customers can enjoy when they have their routine maintenance service at your dealership, which is why you should look for an F&I Solutions provider that has both your and your customers’ best interests at heart.

Torque Group F&I Solutions

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