If you own a quad or ATV, it’s important to have all its mechanical parts and other components working properly all the time, particularly when you’re out on an off-roading adventure. An often overlooked component is the battery. For your peace of mind, purchase a Powersports battery replacement coverage so you won’t have to shoulder this unexpected expense in case your battery dies and you need it to be immediately replaced.

There are various reasons why an ATV battery may suddenly conk out on you. From the battery not being used for a long time, to low battery fluids and a corroded cable, these reasons may not necessarily mean that your battery needs to be replaced. A few troubleshooting techniques might do the trick.

However, if troubleshooting doesn’t resolve the issue, then you know the only other option is a battery replacement. This is the time to thank yourself for purchasing a Powersports battery replacement coverage when you did.

Is Powersports battery replacement coverage worth your money?

Not all battery coverage programs offered to you are worth your money. Some may even be just the opposite: a waste of your hard-earned cash. To make your battery coverage truly worth your while and your money, find a provider or dealer that offers “lifetime” coverage. Lifetime is the key to getting your money’s worth.

To give you an idea, consider Torque Group’s Lifetime Battery Program. This battery coverage plan is valid for the entire lifetime of your ownership of a qualified Powersports vehicle. With this battery coverage, you get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Battery replacement for lifetime of ownership;
  • Availability at any Powersports dealership;
  • May be availed any time during your ownership;
  • Non-expiry of coverage terms; and
  • May receive your claim within 20 to 30 minutes after processing to make sure your budget won’t be affected by this unexpected expense.

As you can see, the lifetime in the coverage makes all the difference. Your ATV battery can be replaced at a moment’s notice whenever needed for your lifetime of ownership, which means you’re covered for years.

Do you want to purchase a Powersports battery replacement coverage? Go to your nearest power sports dealership. If you own a dealership and you would like to include this amazing product in your after-sales offerings, please feel free to contact Torque Group at (800) 859-0590.