Every time you purchase a vehicle, be it a family car or a “toys for the big boys” powersports ATV, you will be offered a variety of warranties and plans by the dealership, all for the sake of ensuring your vehicle is well taken care of. From powersports dealership maintenance programs to extended service contracts, lifetime battery replacement, and more, these programs will be presented to you on the day of purchase. To avoid being overwhelmed, you should do your due diligence prior to paying your nearest dealership a visit. This way, you already know what you want to purchase and which ones you can forgo.

Powersports dealership maintenance programs

If you’ve ever owned a vehicle, you would know that regular service checks are necessary if you want the vehicle to keep running smoothly. These service checks basically inspect all major components of the vehicle. The purpose of this is not only to ensure the vehicle is in top condition but more importantly, that it runs smoothly every time you’re behind the wheel as it ultimately means keeping you safe on the road (or off-road tracks) and ensuring you have an easy ride every time.

Why you shouldn’t skip this add-on

Some buyers feel that add-ons offered at dealerships are a waste of money, but if you’d like to be able to use your vehicle for a long time, you will soon learn that these add-ons are actually designed to help you with responsibilities associated with vehicle ownership. Take the dealership maintenance program, for instance. Here are a few solid reasons why you shouldn’t scrimp on, and skip, this add-on:

Prepaid maintenance service

One of the most common issues that vehicle owners deal with when it comes to maintenance service is their lack of funds come the time for the scheduled maintenance. While they fully understand that having their vehicles serviced as per recommendations from the manufacturer is critical in keeping the vehicle in tip-top shape, sometimes they can’t afford to have it serviced. Soon enough, issues start to surface, which will be more costly in the end.

Paying a little extra for the maintenance program during the buying process will save you money in the long run.

Labor costs are locked-in

Vehicles generally need to be serviced at specific intervals, after a certain number of months or mileage, whichever comes first. What this could mean for you is that by the time you are ready to have your powersports vehicle serviced, labor costs may have already increased. With prepaid powersports dealership maintenance programs, you won’t be charged extra to cover the difference. In other words, labor costs are locked-in.

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