ATV and UTV owners know the stress and pressure their vehicles go through every time they’re being used. Vehicle owners also know that sometimes, parts break down through no fault of their own. This is why powersports extended service contracts are important. Basically, these contracts take over once your manufacturer’s warranty expires.

Why vehicle owners need powersports extended service contracts

Extended service contracts offer an extra layer of protection for any type of vehicle but more so for powersports vehicles like ATVs, UTVs, dirt bikes, and so on. Why? Because powersports vehicles are generally used in rough conditions, which means they’re usually driven on rough terrains and they are subjected to abuse that no regular vehicle undergoes.

A manufacturer’s warranty covers repairs and replacements on factory installed parts that are faulty or defective. And usually, a manufacturer’s coverage expires within a certain number of years or when a certain mileage is reached, whichever comes first.

An extended service contract basically covers the same, with a few additions or exceptions depending on the provider.

Why do you need it then when it covers the same parts and repairs? Because usually, symptoms of a defective or faulty part do not show up until you’ve had the vehicle for a few years, which means you may experience a faulty part when the manufacturer’s coverage has lapsed. You will then need to shoulder the cost of the repairs and/or parts replacement.

For your peace of mind, purchase this add-on when your dealership offers it to you.

Powersports extended service contracts: The difference is in the provider

Dealerships offer several add-ons to their customers, from extended service contracts to maintenance programs, battery replacement, and so on. These contracts and programs differ from one dealership to the next. Vehicle owners should therefore perform their due diligence. Find out who the provider is for these contracts and programs. Knowing the reputation of the provider will give you a clue on whether or not the contract being offered to you is worth your money.

Other than coverage and coverage stipulations, you should check the following details as well:

  • Claims process
  • Payout timeframe
  • Eligible repair shops

To give you an example, Torque Group’s claim process is one of the easiest and fastest in the industry. Claims are paid within 24 hours of work completion. $0 deductible on new and $25 deductible on used vehicles. Vehicles can be brought to any repair shop in the country provided it has a licensed mechanic and the parts needed are on-hand.

Do you own a dealership? Elevate your customer’s ownership experience with Torque Group’s powersports extended service contracts. You may reach Torque-Group at (800) 859-0590. Eager to get started? Sign Up today.