Dealer Portal

Torque Group’s Dealer Portal is a web-based F&I platform with printable and digital menu options that perform backend product functionality from start to finish. Torque Group’s Dealer Portal is provided to all producing Torque Group dealers at no additional charge. The Dealer Portal integrates with Lightspeed to provide fast uploading allowing your finance office to be more efficient resulting in a higher sales volume with increased profits. Our customizable menu with one-click approval will speed up daily operations while maintaining a compliant product presentation. All dealers qualify and are provided their own username and login.

With Torque Group You Get

  • Completely customizable all states compliant menu
  • DMS Integration allows quick paper printing
  • Computer learning (learns user habits to help predict preferred products)
  • Over 900 online training videos for all positions in your dealership
  • Never run out of contract again
  • Online remittance
  • ACH payment
  • OFAC search

  • Customizable pricing tables
  • Never lose another contract
  • Always present every product available to every customer without fail
  • Print form remotely for off-site sales
  • Product disclosure statements
  • Online claims processing
  • Online cancellation processing

Torque Group personally will train all staff members on how to use the dealer portal. We will walk you through step-by-step demonstrations on how to utilize all aspects of our system. If you need any further assistance using our dealer portal, please contact Torque Group at 800-859-0590.

Value Added Protection

Menu Selling

While this might seem incredibly simple, it WILL work because when you use a menu to present all your products to all your customers all the time, there is a greater chance that a customer will find what they need. It also creates transparency and involves the customer in the decision-making process; the F&I Manager is not seen “selling” but merely helping the customer make an informed decision. As a tool, the F&I Menu helps the customer decide.

  • F&I Menu Builds Trust

When a customer is in control of the process (and the F&I Manager is just presenting the facts), the sales process becomes less ‘confrontational’. A well-designed F&I menu is easy to understand and allows the customer to compare one option against others. F&I Menu allows F&I Managers to configure the packages according to the needs of the customers and displaying the final price immediately.

  • F&I Menu Helps Ensure Compliance

It is a legal requirement for F&I Managers (and dealerships) to offer all available products to all customers so that customers are not just offered products that are most profitable or easiest to sell. Therefore, dealerships and F&I professionals need to keep evidence that they have done their due diligence when offering F&I products. The advantage of this requirement is the opportunity to be transparent and honest with the customer. If you have a good mix of products, the F&I Menu will allow you to present these to your customers in the most effective manner.