It’s no secret that losing a motorcycle or any other Powersports vehicle (whether that loss occurs due to theft or an accidental freak occurrence) can be a Powersports enthusiast’s worst nightmare scenario.

A total loss, whether you’re the victim of theft or an unexpected and unfortunate occurrence can be a personal violation, not to mention a situation that can cause a major financial setback for a motorcycle or Powersports enthusiast, which will put a significant hurdle between a rider and the road.

At Torque Group we have a Total Loss Protection program in place that will give Powersports vehicle owners the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their Powersports purchase is fully secure, even in the event of a total loss. A motorcycle rider, for instance, would love to secure that peace of mind for their purchase and every single Powersports dealership on the planet has the goal of being able to provide this peace of mind to every single person who walks through their doors and decides to make a Powersports purchase.

Total loss protection will help you protect your Powersports vehicle in many ways and many of which also includes theft deterrent programs that will enable your Powersports vehicle to be traced by police if your Powersports vehicle is stolen.

If you do experience a total loss, whether it occurs due to theft or in the case of a roadside emergency, collision, or even from some sort of natural disaster, you should want to be protected. Nobody wants to have to pocket the expenses of replacing a Powersports vehicle out of pocket, which is why total loss protection is essential for those of us who decide to make a Powersports vehicle purchase.

At Torque Group, our Total Loss Protection coverage begins the very first day the customer buys the vehicle, providing up to 4 years of protection, which can be purchased upfront or in installments. Total Loss Protection helps Powersports dealerships provide their customers with an undeniable peace of mind in the event their Powersports purchase is totaled or stolen and cannot be recovered or repaired.

Contact Torque Group today to learn more about how our F&I solutions have been powering Powersports dealerships across the United States for over 15 years. And here’s to many, many more!