There’s no question that trail riding or off-roading is an adventure like no other, but much like any other recreational riding, extreme caution should be taken as this type of riding exposes the driver to various risks. Torque Group, one of the leading powersports extended service companies in the country, advises beginner ATV riders to take their time learning how to properly use their vehicle for their safety.

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And of the various safety reminders that powersports extended service companies like Torque Group have shared with others, one that beginner riders should take to heart is sticking with trails that are recommended for your driving skills.

Ideal trails for beginners

The first thing beginner riders should know about trails is there are specific recommendations for each riding and driving skill. Each of these trails is generally marked as follows:

  • Green Circle – for beginners
  • Blue Square – for intermediate riders
  • Black Diamond – for more experienced/advanced riders
  • Double Black Diamond – for highly skilled and experienced riders

With that said, you should look for Green Circle trails if you are a beginner rider. Usually, these beginner trails are flat with a few low slopes or hills. These trails are a good way for you to familiarize yourself with your ATV, learning how to control, manipulate, and maneuver it as you go along. When you’ve improved your riding skills and you’re more confident about your driving ability, then that’s the time to hit the intermediate trails, which are the Blue Square trails or tracks.

Depending on your choice of trail, you could be riding for miles and miles on a relatively flat dirt road or you could be riding through flat and sometimes sloping or hilly tracks with views of nature and wildlife. Forests, hills, lakes, rocks, and waterfalls are what you would encounter on a beginner trail.

Some of the trails experts recommend for beginners, and which you should check out, include the following:

  • Paiute ATV Trails System – Located in Utah, this trail system offers camping grounds nearby making it the ideal trail for beginners who also want to include camping under the stars as part of their ATV adventure
  • Hatfield-McCoy Trails – Located in West Virginia, these trails are a great practice ground for navigating trails through rocks, mud, and water
  • Arizona Peace Trail – Located in western Arizona, this trail loop system passes through the counties of Mohave, La Paz, and Yuma. If you’d like to practice on a friendly, practically uneventful trail, then this is for you

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