Dealerships offer products like tire and wheel protection, battery replacement, dealership maintenance, and extended service contracts as part of their after-sales customer support service. However not all customers are open to the idea of these additional purchases as they believe these are more expensive than on-the-spot payments for repairs. Powersports extended service cost averages between $1,000 and $1,600 depending on such factors as the type of vehicle and whether it is a brand new or a certified pre-owned vehicle, among other things.

What is a Powersports extended service contract?

Powersports extended service contracts are designed to provide owners with coverage when their manufacturer’s warranty has expired. Factory-installed mechanical parts do break down over time, but sometimes these break down too early on in the ownership without warning and are completely unexpected. But whether the mechanical malfunction is due to wear and tear or a factory defect, your manufacturer’s warranty will take care of the costs of repairs and/or replacement.

What happens when you’re no longer covered, and you experience a mechanical breakdown? This is where a Powersports extended service contract will come in handy. Some customers even say it’s become their lifesaver.

Should you get one?

For a lot of customers, their issue isn’t about the coverage itself, whether it’s good service or not, but the Powersports extended service cost. Is it worth it? Those who have used their extended service contract will tell you that yes, the cost is worth it because you get so much more in return.

Say you suddenly need a new transmission, and the shop told you it could cost you about $1,000 or more. This right here already gives you value for money about the Powersports extended service cost you paid the dealership. If you include other mechanical repairs or replacements that could also cost you several hundred dollars, you’d be getting much more than what you paid for.

Some vehicle owners skip extended service contracts because they believe they won’t run into costly repairs sometime in the future. This mistake would prove to be a costly error on their part.

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