Think of the tires you use for your motorcycle as running shoes. If you’re a runner, you want to select shoes that are best for your body and your fitness goals. Just the same, you’re going to want to choose tires that will match the intentions you have for your motorcycle, not to mention have the ability to handle the capabilities of your Powersports purchase.

If you let your tires wear down too much or don’t have the tread you need on your tires, it’s likely that you’re going to feel all the bumps and rocks in the road, not to mention put yourself in extreme jeopardy every time you decide to use your motorcycle or any other Powersports purchase for that matter.

That old cliche in advertising is true “A lot is riding on your tires.” Below, Torque Group goes over a few key aspects of off-road tires which will help you decide if you need off-road tires for your motorcycle or not.

The Argument for Off-Road Tires

Off-road tires are a good investment for the motorcycle enthusiast who plans to get a little more out of their motorcycle than the average rider. Off-road tires will ensure that you get the maximum comfort and impact out of your tires for the longevity of your tire purchase, which will help you enjoy your Powersports purchase for far longer.

Components of an Off-Road Motorcycle Tire

Off-road tires have varying knob sizes and tread depths that address a variety of terrain and needs. The off-road tire tread pattern is also important. These grooves and channels in your motorcycle tires impact how you’ll be able to navigate wet and dry roads.

Tire Terrain Types

There are also tires available for different terrain types that you plan on traversing with your motorcycle, soft, hard, and intermediate terrain, that way you can have all your bases covered, no matter what the road ahead entails.

Make sure that you replace your tires as-needed and never push them too far to the limit because you’re only rolling the dice with your safety and the safety of other drivers on the road.

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