Whoever decides to visit a Powersports dealership and purchase a motorcycle knows how valuable this piece of deftly-designed machinery is. Some people would even qualify their motorcycle as priceless.

So, how important is it to protect your motorcycle and invest in motorcycle security? The short answer is: Very!

Below, Torque Group goes over a few aspects of motorcycle security and why you should consider motorcycle safety and security while making your Powersports purchase.

Motorcycle Security v Motorcycle Coverage/Insurance

Motorcycle security is a little different than insuring your Powersports purchase, which Torque Group helps dealerships do across the country. For over 15 years, we’ve provided effective F&I business solutions that both help make Powersports dealers more successful, but also ensure that Powersports enthusiasts enjoy their purchases for the long haul.

Protecting Your Motorcycle from Theft or Vandalism

Providing your motorcycle with protection and surveillance is a good idea that will help you avoid theft. Being smart in a few areas will help you avoid loss, damage, or collision.

Where you store your motorcycle is extremely important. If you live in an apartment complex you are going to be more susceptible to theft than you would in a quiet residential area, for instance. You can arrange cameras on your motorcycle to provide you with surveillance when you’re not around. You can link this camera up to a security streaming service that will give you 24/7 surveillance.

Get Electronic With It!

An electronic security system is a good idea for your Powersports investment. There are alarms available on the market that alert you or whoever is nearby of a potential theft-in-process taking place. You can also place a tracking system on your bike that will help you locate it if your motorcycle ever does get stolen. Law enforcement will be able to rely on this information to get your motorcycle back!

Don’t Forget to Lock it Up!

Disc locks keep your wheels from spinning. Steering locks make it impossible to steer your bike. A chain, when attached to a non-removable component like the chassis, keeps your motorcycle confined to the location. Saddlebag locks make it difficult to steer any items stored on your bike.

If you have any questions about how things like total loss protection, GAP protection, extended service contracts, tire care, battery replacement programs, and our other diverse set of products can help protect your Powersports purchase, get in touch with your local dealership or contact Torque Group directly today. We provide sales, F&I products and services to dealerships nationwide.