Whatever its make or model, every motorcycle needs a regular change of oil if it’s to stay in top shape. This is a fact Torque Group’s Oil Care Plus, which comes with the Elite Care Maintenance Program, was founded on.

Changing the oil prevents your motorcycle’s engine from getting damaged. This is because oil changes allow for the removal of debris and other corrosive impurities that build up in the oil over time. As such, every motorcycle owner must examine the engine oil regularly.

Here are 4 signs you need to change your motorcycle’s engine oil:

1. The oil is filthy

Depending on the motorcycle type, it may come with a window through which you can scrutinize the oil or a dipstick that can collect a sample of the oil. Fresh, clean oil is light brown, slightly translucent, and smooth to the touch.

Over time, however, it grows darker until it’s black and no longer see-through. It will also feel gritty when rubbed between your fingers, which means it’s been contaminated with particles that can harm your engine. At this stage, an oil change is an absolute must.

2. The oil level is too low

Using the aforementioned window or dipstick, you can determine whether or not the oil is above or below the minimum acceptable level. If it’s the latter, then either the engine leaks or the oil is too old. As oil ages, it becomes less efficient at lubricating the moving parts of your engine. This can turn into a big problem if not addressed, so get that oil changed.

3. The motorcycle engine is noisier than usual

Motorcycle engines are generally loud, but if the volume increases to unpleasant levels, and you hear what sounds like metal rubbing against metal, it’s a sign the oil needs changing. As you’re the one most familiar with how your bike’s engine sounds, you’re the best judge of whether or not the noise it produces is within a normal range.

4. Warning lights keep blinking

Modern bikes come with sensors that, through the use of dashboard lights, can inform you when your engine is lacking in oil. Never fail to check the oil when such warnings occur. If the oil still looks and feels new, you may simply need to add a bit of oil. Otherwise, get an oil change.

Torque Group’s Oil Care Plus pays for up to 4 oil changes and safety inspection over 24 months, allowing you to save on oil change costs. For more information, kindly visit the Elite Care Maintenance page. Feel free to contact us at (800) 859 0590 or via email if you have any questions!