For owners of Powersports vehicles like ATV, UTV, and off-road or on-road motorcycles, good weather means it’s time to ride and enjoy the great outdoors. But if your vehicle has been stuck inside the garage for some time, there are many things you must check to get it ready for the road. An elite maintenance program is great for those who don’t have the budget or time to ensure the care of their Powersports vehicle.

Powersports vehicle maintenance is an important part of staying safe on the road. Without routine care, keeping your vehicle in good shape becomes more and more difficult as time passes. Moreover, not having a well-cared-for machine makes it less safe for you and other drivers on the road.

The elite care maintenance plan we offer is a full, insured, and customizable program that you can sign up for to ensure that your ATV, UTV, and off-road or on-road motorcycle is always running in top shape. We offer terms for 18 months with three full services or 36 months with up to six full services. The parts, labor, and taxes are covered, based on your vehicle manual’s recommendations.

Whether you own a new or pre-owned vehicle, we can help with its care—allowing you to save as much as 40 percent in maintenance costs, compared to paying for the services as you go. When you purchase our elite care maintenance plan, you get to have all of your maintenance services prepaid for three years, lock in the current rates for labor, and ultimately protect yourself from costly, unexpected expenses down the line.

If you’re more concerned about the cost of routine oil changes for your Powersports vehicle, we also have Oil Care Plus. This program is a low-cost alternative for the oil change services that you can usually get as you go, allowing you to take advantage of up to four oil changes, as well as safety inspection over 24 months of owning your vehicle.

If you own a dealership of Powersports vehicles, our elite maintenance program also allows you to develop long-lasting relationships with your customers through personalized service. You can customize the program according to your needs, as well as enjoy a full retro profit-sharing dealer program that encourages customer loyalty.

To learn more about routine care and maintenance for your ATV, UTV, and off-road or on-road motorcycle, and for more information on our elite maintenance plans, please don’t hesitate to contact us.