Trailers allow the convenient transport of recreational vehicles, materials, or goods, making them indispensable tools for dealerships and people who are simply into Powersports. And if you’ve owned or been around trailers, then you already know they can be prone to myriad issues. It’s for this reason services such as Torque Group’s Trailer Guard exists.

Trailer Guard is designed to ensure trailer owners against a host of problems, including but not limited to the following:

1. Busted axles

Axles form the backbone of any trailer. As such, they often experience the brunt of abuse from shock and overloading, making them particularly susceptible to damage. Rust can also lead to the corrosion and eventual breakage of axles. Axle repair requires the services of a professional, which can prove costly depending on the seriousness of the damage.

2. Damaged tires

The quality of a trailer’s tires deteriorates over time, but the process can be expedited with frequent use and exposure to harsh weather conditions. Constant low tire pressure can also contribute to a tire’s premature demise. Practices such as removing the tires from the trailer and putting them in storage when not in use can help keep tires in good condition. However, while proper maintenance can prolong a tire’s life, all tires have to be replaced eventually.

3. Broken wheel bearings

By creating a connection between the static and moving parts of a vehicle, wheel bearings play a crucial role within your trailer’s drivetrain. Unfortunately, wheel bearings aren’t immune to damage, and anything from improper maintenance, to heavy loads, to frequent and/or extended trips, can diminish their overall condition. Replacing your trailer’s wheel bearings isn’t cheap, as you’ll have to pay for both the new parts as well as the labor.

Thankfully, Trailer Guard ensures dealerships or trailer owners from such problems by providing coverage for up to 5 years for new and pre-owned trailers with 2 axles or less.

Trailer Guard offers protection against issues related to wheels and tires; the brake system, which includes the master cylinder and brake actuators; and the suspensions system, which includes the axle(s), spindles, and bearings.

The Trailer Guard coverage even includes 24-hour roadside assistance in the event you experience problems with your trailer during transit. In addition, the vehicle towing the trailer is subject to full wheel and tire protection.

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