Buying a brand new motorcycle entails making multiple considerations, from the type of unit that’s right for you to the acquisition of the ideal extended service contracts.

Knowing not what to do when out shopping for your ride is key to making the entire process a lot smoother. Here, then, are the 4 don’ts of buying a new motorcycle.

1. Don’t ignore the dealer’s other services

A good dealer doesn’t only sell motorcycles; they also offer an array of reliable maintenance and repair services. Not to mention they have friendly, well-trained, and experienced personnel always willing to help you.

It’s strongly advised that you purchase your bike from such a dealer. They may be more expensive, but that’s because you can be assured, they can provide quality assistance should you encounter any issues with your purchase. You also cultivate a relationship that’ll make you among their top priority customers, ensuring help is always readily available and fast.

2. Don’t negotiate any price other than the out-the-door price

The out-the-door price is the total price you pay to take a new motorcycle home. It’s generally the manufacturer’s standard retail price plus additional fees, which may include dealer service and handling fees, processing fees, advertising fees, and others. The dealer may not have control over some of these fees, so to save yourself the headache, focus only on the out-the-door price during negotiations.

3. Don’t extend your monthly payments

Extending your monthly payments over a longer period may make each payment smaller. However, it could end up concealing small amounts of profit for the dealer. It’s better to determine which of their maximum and minimum monthly payments you can realistically afford, then stick to a plan.

4. Don’t neglect the Extended Service Contracts

Good dealers offer Extended Service Contracts along with the motorcycle. It’s crucial not to pass up on such a contract; it may be an added cost, but it saves you from potentially steep expenses associated with motorcycle maintenance and repair.

Torque Group’s Extended Service Contracts offer comprehensive coverage, including repair and maintenance costs falling well outside the scope of manufacturer warranties. You’re also given the flexibility to choose any repair facility in the US and Canada, so you can go to your most trusted mechanic and not have to worry about voiding any warranties.

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