If you’re into recreational riding or driving, you probably already own a powersport vehicle. You also probably already know the ins and outs of each vehicle and the gear and accessories that will keep you safe while enhancing your experience. Powersports Dealership Scheduled Services Program or other similar products may likewise already be in your possession. But for those still new to recreational riding or even competitive off-roading, one of the first things to know is the various types of vehicles available for such activities.

Common types of powersports vehicles

When it comes to recreational or competitive off-roading, two types of vehicles instantly come to mind: all-terrain vehicles (ATV) and motorcycles (dirt bikes). A third one is also used for off-road driving: utility task (or terrain) vehicles (UTV). Below is a brief description of each:

1. All-terrain vehicles

All-terrain vehicles or ATVs are arguably the most popular off-road or dirt riding vehicles. ATVs are designed for single-person use only, so you can’t have a passenger onboard while you ride. These are likewise intended to withstand even the most extreme trails and off-road tracks.

2. Utility terrain (or task) vehicle

A utility terrain vehicle or UTV, on the other hand, can fit two up to six persons at a time. UTVs are also side-by-side because the passengers sit on a bench-style seats. Like the ATV, UTVs are likewise designed for all types of terrain, from light off-road tracks to extreme trails.

Both the ATV and UTV are sometimes used for farming, but of the two, the UTV is the more “farm-oriented” vehicle because of its size.

3. Motorcycle

When it comes to motorcycles, there are different categories and types to choose from, but basically, you choose between an off-road and on-road bike. If you wish to be able to switch from off-roading to on-roading, you should ask your dealership about dual-sport motorcycles. It’s important to let them know which of the two activities you plan on doing more, as this will help determine the bike that is the right fit for you and the tires and wheels ideal for your riding.

Whatever type of vehicle you choose, make sure to have it regularly checked and serviced to prolong its life and keep you safe on the road. It is recommended too that you discuss your options for a Powersports Dealership Scheduled Services Program as this can help pay for future services, making care and maintenance a breeze for you.

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