For beginner off-roaders, the ultimate goal is to join a competition at least once. There’s nothing more thrilling and fulfilling for an off roader than being able to complete a race, even a local race. Further, shares powersports extended service contract provider Torque Group, joining a competition and completing it regardless of whether you won or not, is a prestige that not a lot of riders can say they’ve done, so this in itself is already a trophy, in a manner of speaking.

For your reference, a powersports extended service contract is additional service usually offered by dealerships to their customers. This program covers parts repair and replacement when the vehicle’s manufacturer’s warranty has expired. This program is designed to help owners maintain their vehicle and at the same time, make ownership enjoyable and stress-free.

So you want to join an ATV race? Here’s what you need to know…

1. Know everything there is to know about the race

It’s not enough that you’re physically and mentally ready for ATV racing, or that you’re confident that your skills will be up for the challenge. You should know everything there is to know about ATV racing, particularly the race you’re joining, from the tracks to the rules. Knowing the rules is of utmost importance to avoid violations that could get you disqualified even before you hit the tracks. If you truly have your heart set on joining the race, know the rules for that specific race you signed up for.

2. Know your machine inside and out

You may already be familiar with your ATV but it wouldn’t hurt to go over everything one more time, putting particular attention on troubleshooting steps you can do should any of its parts of components give in while you’re in the middle of the race. This is of particular importance if you’re joining a cross-country race.

3. Choose a beginner competition

Since this is your first race, it would make sense to choose a competition that is appropriate for you. Usually, beginners join a trail race as the obstacles and tracks aren’t as challenging as those you would normally find in cross-country racing, desert racing, or hill climbing races.

4. Gear up

It goes without saying that you should have the proper gear for racing. This includes helmet, boots, gloves, goggles, long pants, and chest protector. And just as you have the proper gear, so should your ATV. Proper gear for your ATV generally include tools that will keep you safe while riding the trails such as tether cord, nerf bars, race number on the front and rear on your ATV, and others.

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