Snowmobile season is almost upon us. If you haven’t done so already, now’s a good time to start making sure your sled’s trailer is in great condition.

There are many ways to keep your trailer in ideal shape, from availing of special services such as Torque Group’s Trailer Guard to observing proper trailer maintenance habits at home. Below, we share some of the ways you can ensure your trailer is always ready for use.

1. Examine wheel bearings and tires

Regularly examine your trailer’s wheel bearings to ensure they’re free of dirt and low-quality grease and have them repacked if necessary. You should also check the tires—including the spares—for signs of wear and damage. Make sure the tire pressure remains consistent with the manufacturer’s recommended specifications and tighten all loose wheel nuts.

2. Check the lights

Faulty lights can lead to all sorts of problems during transit, so check the running and signal lights often to make sure they’re working properly. Scrutinize all electrical components, as well.

3. Scrutinize the hitch

Ensure sure your hitch’s various components—such as the safety chains, coupler, and hitch ball—are undamaged. Tighten anything loose and apply some grease to the hitch ball. You should also make sure the trailer isn’t tilted from said ball.

4. Lubricate!

Lubrication will protect your trailer from wear and tear, so regularly grease all its moving parts, from its wheel bearings to its hinges and doors.

5. Wash your trailer

It’s important to keep your trailer clean, as the buildup of debris, grease, and road salt can damage its components. Always wash your trailer’s full exterior, including its underside and wheels, after use.

6. Protect your trailer

Exposure to the elements, dirt, and road salt can corrode your trailer’s components. As such, apply high-quality corrosion protection to all essential parts.

Take note that the above tips should be observed not only during the snowmobile season but throughout the year. Such preventative measures will help prevent issues such as tire blowouts and mechanical breakdowns, as well as save you from costly repairs.

Another way to avoid trailer-related problems is to avail of the Trailer Guard program, which covers up to 5 years for new and pre-owned trailers with 2 axles or less. Said program offers full tire and wheel protection, 24-hour roadside assistance, coverage for a variety of services, and more.

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