Excellent care is essential if you aim to prolong your snowmobile’s life. Thankfully, it isn’t hard to keep your sled in great condition; with Torque Group’s Elite Care Maintenance program, you can have your machine regularly maintained at a drastically reduced cost.

With that said, proper snowmobile maintenance begins at home. Here are some tips that can help you keep your sled in top shape.

1. Break-in the snowmobile the right way

If your snowmobile is brand new, a proper break-in is the first and most important thing you can do to extend its life. During the process, use the entire throttle range and make sure to change the engine speed every few seconds. Exposure to different cylinder pressures will seat the machine’s piston rings properly, which can go a long way in maintaining the engine’s integrity.

2. Warm up the sled’s engine

Before every ride, start your sled’s engine and wait a few minutes before revving it up. Engine components aren’t made of the same materials, and thus have different rates of expansion when exposed to heat. As such, it’s important to give your engine some time to warm up before you hit the trail.

3. Wash your sled

Wash your snowmobile after every trip and when it’s due for storage. This washes away any debris, grease, and road salt that builds up while the machine is in use, thus allowing you to protect its metal parts from corrosion and rust. Dry off the sled following a bath and let the water drain from its underparts.

4. Use premium oil

To be safe, use high-quality engine oil recommended by the snowmobile’s manufacturer. Don’t buy oil that isn’t suited for use in cold weather. Also, take advantage of the Elite Care Maintenance’s Oil Care Plus, which allows you to have your machine’s oil changed at a lower cost.

5. Observe routine maintenance

Set regular maintenance schedules and follow them without fail. If you’re going to a shop to have your sled examined, ask for a detailed list of what their tune-up service includes. The Elite Care Maintenance program will help with costs, but you know your wallet best; if you think the service isn’t worth the price, find another shop.

6. Store your sled during off-seasons

When not in use, stow your sled in a tidy and dry spot indoors. Keep it covered to avoid surfaces from getting exposed to the elements. Letting it sit outside could cause rusting and damage.

For more information on snowmobile maintenance and Torque Group’s Elite Care Maintenance program, kindly visit this link. Feel free to contact us at (800) 859 0590 or via email if you have any questions!