Some people out there might be skeptical about the necessity of an extended warranty, especially when it comes to their Powersports purchase. However, the fact remains that extended warranties are a smart and savvy decision for Powersports enthusiasts looking to prolong and protect their purchases and get the most out of their Powersports vehicles.

Below, Torque Group goes over a few reasons why extended warranties are a great option that will help you enjoy a long and loving relationship with your Powersports vehicle.

1.) Extended Warranties Are Less Costly Than Paying for Repairs Yourself

If you rely on your bank account to pay for any repairs that come up along the way after you make your Powersports purchase, things can get real expensive, real fast. In many cases, it only takes a few substantial repairs to start getting in the realm of what it costs to protect your purchase with an extended warranty. You’ll also have to worry about anything that comes up because you’ll be paying for the entire thing out of pocket.

2.) Peace of Mind

Do you remember what it was like having that old car that you were worried about if it would start or not when you turned on the ignition in the morning? It’s not uncommon to have nightmares about future car troubles and future car expenses, which you will no longer have to worry about when you have an extended warranty. Extended warranties cover most if not all repairs, giving customers a new peace of mind in the process.

3.) There Are Many Extended Warranty Options

Extended warranty options come in many varieties, one of which is sure to suit your needs, no matter what vehicle you’ve purchased, even if the original warranty has expired for your vehicle. Powersports vehicle owners always have the option to purchase extended coverage if their original warranty has expired, not to mention opt for better or additional coverage that they deem necessary.

Torque Group has over 15 years of experience with extended service contracts through providing Powersports dealerships with the very best coverage and the fastest claims processes that help protect and prolong their Powersports vehicles. We provide full comprehensive coverage, excellent customer service, not to mention competitive pricing.