If you have a car, truck, or SUV, then chances are you have insurance coverage for those types of vehicles. But what happens if you own/ride a motorcycle, a scooter, a dirt bike, ATV, UTV, personal watercraft, jet boat, or snowmobile?

When it comes down to it, when you’re enjoying your toys, it’s better to know that you and your property are both completely covered if there is ever any sort of accident or adverse occurrence.

Good powersports coverages will enable riders to gain access to resources and agents across the nation, whether you’re looking to protect yourself against an accidental loss, whether you just need a routine tune-up on your insurance, or to even assist you with a major or minor ticket.

Powersports Coverage for Mechanical Breakdown

The minute you purchase or lease a motorcycle, ATV, watercraft, or any other type of powersports vehicle, an important consideration will be upkeep, as well as maintaining and extending the life and value of your purchase. Each component of your powersports vehicle needs to be in ideal shape and working properly for your vehicle to function in an optimum capacity. Anything less is unsafe! Quality powersports coverage will handle engine difficulties and upkeep, transmission, electrical, steering, differential, ABS, your fuel system, front and rear suspension, instrumentation, and much, much more.

Tire, Wheel, and Towing Coverage

Your ideal powersports coverage provider will also handle tire, wheel, and towing needs in case you ever run into adverse road conditions, or in the event you have a flat or a blowout.

Theft Recovery and GPS Tracking

You’ll be able to locate your bike, scooter, ATV, boat, or any other type of powersports vehicle with GPS tracking, theft recovery, and additional remote security functions that can oftentimes be accessed easily with your smartphone.

Powersports coverages can often vary from provider to provider, so it’s crucial that you ensure you and your property are in the very best of hands. Torque Group provides coverage custom-fitted to suit your needs, like our Lifetime Battery Program. For over 15 years, Torque Group has provided F&I business solutions that help ensure powersports dealers are more secure and more successful. We have programs and plans designed to suit your needs and provide you with new peace of mind.