Taking excellent care of your ATV is crucial to prolonging its life. Unfortunately, there are some maintenance mistakes even sports quad enthusiasts are prone to committing. Sure, Torque Group’s Extended Service Contracts can help you save on maintenance and repair costs, but knowing how to keep your Powersports vehicle in great condition in the first place is part and parcel of being a responsible ATV owner.

Here are some common ATV maintenance mistakes to avoid:

1. Not changing the filters and fluids

Your ATV’s health and performance rely on its air filters, oil, and oil filters staying clean. Over time, filters and fluids become contaminated with corrosive particles that can cause everything from engine performance dips to engine damage. As such, filters and fluids must be examined after every trip. Filters need to be constantly cleaned and, when necessary, replaced, while regular oil changes are a must.

2. Not cleaning the radiator and coolant

To avoid overheating your ATV’s engine, you must keep its radiator and coolant clean. Make sure both radiator and coolant are free of mud, dirt, and other unwanted particles before each ride. Overheated coolant produces a burnt smell and changes color, while coolant that has turned milky has mixed with the oil.

3. Neglecting to check the tires and bolts

ATVs vibrate when active, which loosens its various components over time. Therefore, you must examine all of its parts, including the suspension and steering, after every ride. Tighten bolts and other essential elements when necessary. Don’t forget to check the tires for issues such as damage and low pressure.

4. Allowing the fuel to go bad

Gasoline goes bad after some time, and when it does, it can damage parts of the fuel lines and carburetors. It can even lead to fuel system failure. If you’re not going to use your ATV for extended periods, install a fuel stabilizer to prevent the gasoline from turning nasty.

If you think your ATV is suffering from some kind of issue, Torque Group’s Extended Service Contracts allow you to save on maintenance and repair of costs. It even helps with expenses not covered by manufacturer warranties, so if any of your ATV’s components get damaged—whether because of maintenance mistakes or an accident—the Extended Service Contracts will ensure any services availed of will be lighter on your wallet. Additionally, you won’t void any manufacturer warranties when you seek assistance from any maintenance/repair facility in the US and Canada, so you can go to your most trusted mechanic with no worries.

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