Any seasoned off-road driver will tell you never underestimate the power of your vehicle and overestimate your driving skills. This mistake could cost you your life. Torque Group, a leading provider of powersports extended service contract and other F&I solutions across the U.S. reminds dealerships and buyers alike to always put safety first every time they go out for a ride. Powersports vehicles like ATVs, dirt bikes, and UTVs are built differently, which means they are faster and more powerful compared to a regular car, motorcycle, or SUV. This is why safety should always be a priority for beginners and experienced drivers alike.

On that note, here are a few more off-roading tips for beginners:

1. Get to know your vehicle inside and out

It may seem obvious but not all owners of powersports vehicles, or any other type of vehicle for that matter, take the time to truly inspect and learn everything there is to know about their machine. Often, owners turn to the user’s manual only when they begin to experience issues with the vehicle. This is a mistake that has proven to be costly time and time again.

When you know your vehicle like the back of your hand, you will feel more confident driving it because now you know basic troubleshooting steps you can do should you experience a breakdown while you’re navigating the trail.

2. Have the vehicle regularly serviced

It goes without saying that a poorly maintained vehicle isn’t safe to use, particularly when navigating dirt and muddy roads. This is why every owner should make sure to have their vehicles serviced at regular intervals, according to recommendations by the manufacturer. It is also advised that vehicle owners purchase additional service and/or maintenance programs to ensure that whatever repairs or troubleshooting the vehicle needs, it can be done without delay.

Dealership add-ons like a powersports extended service contract, for instance, will cover repairs or parts replacements when the manufacturer’s warranty has lapsed. For the reader’s reference, Torque Group’s extended service contract allow owners to have their vehicle repaired at any repair shop in the U.S. for as long as they have a certified mechanic. This flexibility isn’t always offered and available from other F&I solutions providers.

3. Have the proper communication equipment

When you’re on the trails and you experience issues with your vehicle or you get into an accident, you would need immediate help and to be able to get that, you need the right communications tools. While cellphones are handy, they aren’t exactly the best communication tools when you’re off-roading. CB and radios, and satellite communication devices are among the equipment you can use. Choose one that is appropriate for the trail, considering its distance from base, and factors that could affect the signal.

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