We at Torque group understand that regular oil changes are crucial if you want your powersports vehicle’s engine to remain in excellent condition. It’s the reason our Platinum Maintenance program comes with Oil Care Plus—to ensure every powersports enthusiast has a budget-friendly way to care for their ride.

Here are some consequences of not changing your powersports vehicle’s engine oil on a regular basis:

1. The oil becomes filthy

Oil reduces friction inside your engine. Over time, however, the thickness and texture of the oil change. The coarseness of dirty oil can boost the degree of friction, and in turn increase the risk of wear and tear of internal engine parts.

2. The engine becomes prone to overheating

When a vehicle engine is running, its moving parts rub against each other resulting in intense friction and extremely high temperatures. As mentioned above, oil helps lessen such friction. If you don’t regularly change your oil, this friction may become so critical that it increases the likelihood of the engine overheating.

3. Engine performance suffers

Engine oil serves two vital purposes: the protection and lubrication of the engine’s internal moving parts. However, the consistency of the oil deteriorates over time on account of the extreme conditions it goes through when the engine is in use. When that occurs, the oil in your engine won’t be as effective and becomes incapable of delivering adequate performance.

4. The engine noise becomes deafening

There’s something amiss when the engine gets painfully loud or when it starts producing weird noises. This is a definite sign it needs an oil change. Neglecting such a warning could lead to serious engine damage.

5. The engine prematurely ages

Oil protects the engine’s moving parts as it provides the coating that helps components withstand exacting conditions. Without proper oil replacements, these components will get impaired, which in turn can lead to the premature aging of the engine.

Platinum Maintenance

Oil changes can be expensive. Thankfully, Torque Group’s Platinum Maintenance comes with Oil Care Plus, which pays for up to four oil changes and safety inspection over 24 months of vehicle ownership. In addition, Platinum Maintenance allows owners to save up to 40% in vehicle maintenance and repair costs, allowing you to care for your ride without accruing steep costs normally associated with such services.

For more information on Platinum Maintenance and Oil Care Plus, kindly visit the Torque Group website. Feel free to contact us at (800) 859 0590 or via email if you have any questions!