In every dealership, the customer’s buying experience dictates how the customer-dealership relationship will turn out. If the experience was pleasant, even enjoyable, you may have just gained another loyal patron. From vehicles to add-ons, warranties, and programs like the Powersports Dealership Maintenance Program, whether or not they purchase any or all of these, and more, all comes down to their experience at the dealership.

How then do you ensure that the customer will have an enjoyable time at your dealership, and more importantly, how do you convince them to buy? Here are a few tips:

1. Incentivize it

Incentivize the buying process by offering attractive discounts, add-ons, and other products that you know will enhance not only the buying experience but also the customer’s day-to-day. For instance, you can bundle F&I solutions and products like Powersports Dealership Maintenance Program, which offers service and maintenance for up to 36 months (with 6 full services), and the Lifetime Battery Program for the ultimate care and maintenance package.

Get creative with your incentives. From product bundles to discounts, free movie tickets or restaurant vouchers, the point is to provide incentives that will be hard to resist.

2. Be helpful but not pushy

One of the most frustrating, even infuriating, things for a customer is having a sale agent hovering over them. It’s also one of the quickest ways to show a potential buyer out the door. When a customer walks in, welcome them and introduce yourself. Ask what they’re looking for and show them where the units are. After that, let them browse on their own but make it known that you are just on the sidelines ready to assist whenever they want.

3. Be knowledgeable about your products

There’s nothing more off-putting than a sales agent who doesn’t know what they’re selling. If a customer asks a question about the vehicle, you should be able to answer them accurately. You can’t convince someone to buy what you’re selling if you don’t know the first thing about it. This goes too for the add-ons and other products that the dealership is offering. You must know details of these products inside and out to be convincing.

If the product isn’t your expertise, call someone who is. The point is not to leave the customer’s questions unanswered. You must arm the customer with all the information they need to convince them that buying such a vehicle and the add-ons is the right choice.

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